13 February 2012

for the love of green

Hi (guys and) dolls, 

Last week I reminded you that Valentine's day was around the corner (not because I am a keener, but rather so that I did not remind you now - at 11:52pm - the night before). If you are a free spirit (last minute?) sort of person and you happen to march to your own love day tune, I was looking for ways to cut out some of the chintz of the manufactured holiday and I found some gems that are admittedly cheesy but I still think are worthy of sharing...


1. Crack open a bottle of organic wine (and think local)
2. Choose GMO- and pesticide-free chocolate covered strawberries 
3. Ditch the petroleum wax candles and set the mood with beeswax or soy ones
4. Upgrade your sexy duds for something slinky and sustainable (organic hemp or silk, anyone?)
5. Reach for PVC-free toys 
6. Think about it for two seconds and admit you need to make the switch to organic, petroleum-free lube and massage oils 
7. Save energy, turn the lights off (or simply get an early start)
8. Save water, share a shower or tub 
9. Make love, not war (silly, cheesy, but cute so shut it)

Also, just a thought, the only high-grade biodegradable vegan latex condom - Condomi - is only available to Canadians online.

List adapted from Ecoholic: When You're Addicted to the Planet by Adria Vasil (Toronto: Random House, 2007). Image from lave laundry.

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