07 February 2012

dine out

I have never participated in the annual event, "dine out Vancouver", and this post has nothing to do with the event. I am just suggesting places to dine. out. in Vancouver. Yeah.

Bao Bei

For Italian... Campagnolo (from the people that brought you Cafeteria and Refuel).
For Chinese... French... goodness... Bao Bei
For the trivia night... The Cascade Room (also check out Habit just for food, no trivia, sorry). 
For the lavender lattes... Cafe Medina
For the tequila... Latitude (I have yet to eat here but let me know how it goes).

And the place I have not been yet and I hear so much about so you should take me... Hawksworth

We could call this list "love day dinner suggestions" or "how I miss the days when I could spend money on food". It is what it is. 

xx a. 

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