05 December 2011

i said ALL of the whiskey

If the past few weeks were to be any indication, last Saturday should have been uneventful, but lucky me - I managed to escape the dubcon study fortress not just for one event but TWO! (Always the multi-tasker, right here. Just ask Halloween). 

I also managed to be both an academic and a hipster in the same night although I must admit my outfit did not transition so well... Oh well, someone had to class the place up (besides Mary, of course). Con's engineering faculty/grad student thing was more of a cocktail dress and red lipstick event discussing conspiracy in the publishing world, the value of the internet and energy options for Japan while tank tops and cheetah leggings were out in full force at the Biltmore drinking almost warm beer and dancing like white people.  

Con and I managed to roll into the Biltmore just in time for his uncle's show with this band, Tyranahorse. Neither of us had seen them live before (shameful) and it was a really fun show. The keyboardist, Max, was especially dramatic. Probably partially due to the fact that his keyboard was not-so-strategically placed far too low. But mostly due to the elegant method of punching and elbowing the keys.

My favourite songs off the album, ghostwolfmotherhawk were "Keep It Together" and "Joy Wolf". Apparently these guys really like grocery stores. Here is a video that does not take place at all in a grocery store.

And Connor's uncle, Brent, is the drummer. Because I know you were wondering.

Photo by Wendy Dyk.

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