03 October 2011

what monday?

I had a FML moment today. Yep, I brought tech-savvy child-slang into my blog. DMY. Allow me to explain... 

I have not been to the dentist in over a year and a half. I used to use "going to the dentist" as excuse to visit my mum in the suburbs and so you are correct in guessing my dentist's office is also in the 'burbs.

Being the child that I am, I asked my mother to make a dentist appointment for me "any monday this month". She did and I figured it wouldn't be too big of an ordeal getting from home to the dentist and back. I'd get a ride from the skytrain to the dentist office and back, like usual. Heck I might even get lunch out of it. However it was Monday and my mother was at work (in Vancouver, I might add) and, oh yeah, none of my friends live there anymore. 

I kid you not, it took me 5 (five!) hours round-trip on transit today to accomplish one visit to the dentist. All the compliments in the world on my stellar pearly whites are not enough to make me feel like it was worthwhile. Standing in the drizzle (no benches or covers for bus stops here, oh no) and waiting a full hour for a bus to take me to another bus to take me to the skytrain, a small thought bubble appeared over my head containing 3 lonely letters "fml".

Moving on, with my life and this blog post, have you heard of Odd Future (OFWGKTA)? They are an LA hip-hop collective that are performing in VanGritty as I type this. I am consistently lost for sensical words when attempting to describe them, so check them out for yourself. And think about this while you listen to them... they are basically babies (ages 16-20). Why am I talking about a show I couldn't even be bothered to attend, you ask? I bought tickets as a gift for Connor and, as an extra gift, I let his bff Clinton go in my place. I  am such a good girlfriend. 

Photos from Google Images. 

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