26 September 2011

how quickly i forget about the wind and the rain

And then the elements ambush me in a parking lot somewhere, splattering my cotton sneaks and fabulous unwashed hair with spiteful little water droplets! 

Autumn is here I guess, make way for the grey. But try not to fall cowering victim to the SAD, okay? I can lend you a giant, brightly coloured sweater, rub your back and we can talk about our favourite summer things. Only eight more months 'til the glory days return, right? Right?!

The only good thing about chilly weather is the insatiable (and completely logical) urge to get cozy. I fully support your desires to layer on, bag out, scarf up and wear cuffed pants with wool socks peeking out of boots or loafers (hell, I do it). Just don't forget that you're in Vancouver so no (faux) suede or (synthetic) fur in the rain, alright? It will never look the same.

Photos from wildfox, lust for life and frou frouu. 

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