12 September 2011


Hello, hello! I feel the need to apologize for my recent non-involvement  in my very own blog. (This feeling mostly arises because of the friendly laments I was subjected to on Jess's deck last night - by the way, awesome deck, Jess).

I am back in school, but no excuses! My plan is to update on Mondays, so you can relax, I haven't deserted you. 

Now I have read 2 books in my absence, The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi and Bossypants by Tina Fey. Unfortunately for you, I immediately lent The Windup Girl to my brother so I am unable to produce a satisfying review. Basically, it is science fiction and it is good. Fey's autobiography (borrowed from Shireen, thank you) was surprisingly disappointing. I wanted it to be great so I can't bring myself to pan it in detail, sorry. Oh, will the apologies never end?!

I have been making fabulous lentil and avocado wraps and equally fabulous lettuce wraps lately so expect to see those recipes soon (when I decide to actually keep track of quantities and such in my cooking). 

Robyn and I have been on a pickling crusade so I will organize that recipe for you as well. 

Also, Tallay has been so kind as to give me a beautiful pair of brown wedge heels and a terribly sweet long, flowered skirt from Paris. I got it altered and its new life as a terribly sweet long, flowered high-waisted skirt from Paris suits it nicely. I will try to take a photo for you.

And that is what's up my pets, so stay tuned. 
Peace & Love. 

Unrelated note: Connor is a genius. He decided to add kale leaves to ichiban noodles and the results make me like instant noodles. What you have to do is drop your kale leaves in when the water begins to boil, let it return to a boil, then go about making your ichiban as you normally would. Sauce + noodles + 3 minutes. 

Photo of model Frida Gustavsson (right) and friend from the fashion spot. Also seen on life by ida.

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