04 May 2011

mail order

I should be in a yoga class right now but clearly I didn't make it this morning. Let's talk about something else. As you probably know by now, Connor introduced me to internet shopping with black milk clothing and I started with the trickiest items to buy without trying on (leggings and a bodysuit). After that worked out, I accepted internet shopping as a valid way of shopping with another online purchase, this time with out of print. I do miss purchasing something and having it physically in my hands right away but that didn't stop me from doing a quick shop at nasty gal. Now I wait... and check my mail, a lot. 

This is what I ordered for spring:

Also, a sweet navajo print, toggle clasped oversized sweater, a skinny brown waist belt and a wee silver ring. 

Images from shopnastygal.com.

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