12 April 2011

seeing green

Success! I have a wee garden box! With plants! Two of which are edible!

Over the years, I have learned that our apartment is not kind to plantlife. There simply is not enough direct sunlight to sustain most plants (especially the eating kind, which happen to be my preferred plants). Indoors, I have a cactus (duh) and a weird braided plant thing that looks a bit like a palm tree and these are both doing well. I also have a bonsai that I have trained to live primarily on fluorescent light. Herbs are unable to survive the winter in our place. Too cold, too grey. Outdoors, I have never had any space. Then I had a lightbulb moment and scouted the fire escape. It has a ledge and that ledge gets afternoon sun with all the consistency that Vancouver can offer. 

Today I measured the ledge and went to the plant store (Art Knapps on Hornby @ Pacific). I bought brackets, a window box, organic soil for outdoor plants, two kinds of ivy, four little flower plants and two MINT plants. Mint like shade! It is the only herb that does. The bag o' soil weighed a ton and getting everything home by myself was no picnic but well worth it. It's cold outside so I put the box together on the kitchen floor and managed to spill minimal dirt. Then Con helped me attach everything to the fire escape railing ledge. It looks great! So expect mojitos this summer with fresh mint from the fire escape.

I will post photos soon. xx

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