02 March 2011

for the teeth

WE FOUND A TOOTHPASTE. Finally. When you've grown up using Crest or Colgate, healthy and natural toothpastes can be sort of... gross. Either it's too runny, a weird choice of flavour or some other reason that makes Connor gag.

Over the year, we've tried quite a few failures (and always used them up no matter how strange). I went to Old Faithful on Cordova in Gastown with Natasha in February and I found a toothpaste called Botot. It uses a formula that was invented in 1775 by Dr. Julien Botot for King Louis XV of France. It was the world's first toothpaste. And I think that is cool. It is a natural toothpaste with anti-bacterial warming anise and ginger. It tastes delicious and foams enough so that Connor doesn't choke. Unfortunately, it is an import and a bit pricey at $16 (even for a natural toothpaste) but we're going to look into buying more at a time or ordering them online.

Photo from Google Images.

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