11 February 2011

whatta mess

My friend, Clinton, started making jewelry (let's say) six months ago. He finds interesting crystals and salvages neat pieces of metal, animal talons and the like, then wraps, twists and otherwise fashions thin leather around the works to create something really cool.

Some of the crystals stand alone and others are layered with eclectic trinkets. If you're in Vancouver, you've probably already seen some of his creations bouncing on the necks of stylish strangers. Maybe you've even been given one, lucky you.

Now Clinton Bard and the crystal mess collective has a tumblr so you can check out some of his pieces and throw in requests. The website is a new development and a whole slew of new photos are coming soon, along with updated contact information. For now, contact Clinton at paintingthetownbrown@hotmail.com. Do it! And let him know where you heard about the crystal mess collective.

Photo by Clinton Bard from http://www.crystalmesscollective.tumblr.com/.

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