20 July 2010


Phoebe Damrosch wrote a book titled Service Included. I picked up this book on a whim to make my amazon.ca order over $39 in order to get free shipping. When the book and its book companions were delivered, I read it in a day. Very entertaining this little book. Just the right length for a relatively interesting memoir (and romance).

Here are some of her "tips" scattered throughout:

Please do not ask us what else we do. This implies that (a) we shouldn't aspire to work in the restaurant business even if it makes us happy and financially stable, (b) that we have loads of time on our hands because ours is such an easy job, and (c) that we are not succeeding in another field.

If you want to change the majority of the components in a dish, you might consider choosing something else.

"Do you know who I am?" is a very unattractive question.

Larger glasses appear less full than smaller glasses. This does not mean you are getting less wine.

I think I'll go out to eat tomorrow...

Quotes from Service Included: Four Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter by Phoebe Damrosch. New York: Harper Paperback, 2008. Image from Google Images.

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