20 June 2010


Farmers Markets are it. I am actually encouraged to ask all the questions I want, I am able to effortlessly buy local (and more often than not, organic and sustainable as well), I get to know the seasons and what that means for food and it is an engaging enough environment that Connor is an ally instead of a mindless robot.

In grocery stores, Con is useless and he knows it. He can be having a perfectly coherent and interesting conversation with you on the way to the store but once inside - BAM - his brain shuts down completely. He forgets what he wanted to pick up, he forgets where he put the quarter for the cart, he forgets his own name. Luckily, robot-Connor can still carry bags.

So I will always choose the market over the store. The farmers market I frequent is at 10th and Larch from 10am 'til 2pm on Sundays.

Here are some others:

Trout Lake SATURDAYS 9am 'til 2pm
West End SATURDAYS 9am 'til 2pm
Main St WEDNESDAY 3pm 'til 7pm

And if you want a more precise address, a map or a seasonal schedule, just check here for complete information.

Pssssst: Trout Lake is usually the best but I don't always have time to make the trek.

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