28 June 2010

get on the bus

Regan John Farquhar is also known as Busdriver. You've probably never heard of him but you're missing out. I would never have found him on my own because I tend to abstain from hiphop, finding mainstream hiphop boring, senseless and superficial and honestly when is a white hipster like me living in Vancouver going to stumble upon underground hiphop in any sort of organic fashion? So thanks again Connor. Much love.

"Imaginary Places" (Temporary Forever, 2002) is probably his only song that flirted with any sort of mainstream popularity. Check it out here.

While you're at it, might as well give "Avantcore" (Fear of a Black Tangeant, 2005) a listen here as well as "Casting Agents and Cowgirls (RoadKillOvercoat, 2007) here.

His most recent album is Jhelli Beam (2009) so this post is not so much hyping a new release but more just appreciating an artist.

I read somewhere that he can be a dick at shows but what else is to be expected when you have intelligent things to say in a stylish way and some wankster is trying to hand you his "demo"?

Photo from Google Images.

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