04 May 2010


Somehow having Connor away for several months led me to fill his empty closet and drawer space with more things of my own... oops. So today we picked up a second dresser and another bookcase (thanks Carli) to accommodate our overflow. Personally, I blame the apartment, there is ONE closet. One. I keep towels and sheets next to the flour, coconut flakes and dried cranberries in the pantry.

I figured since we were trying to make some room I should do one of those "spring cleaning purges" and I now have a large black garbage bag filled with donations. Bags, shoes and clothes that I have not worn in at least a year. I also have a smaller, more attractive stack of clothes next to the bag with a sticky note on them proclaiming their new ownership: "Erin D".

But rather than focus on the old things that will hopefully start a pleasant new after-thrift-shop life, I wanted to show you my new things:

the nail polish is lilacism by essie and is so perfect for spring/summer that i can hardly handle it. i'm just going to say it, lilac is the new white. the earrings are la pistole by frug from plenty. the gold ring was found by my dad behind the stove at his new house.

I just noticed a coon-skin cap hanging off my silver stag antler hook on top of my jewelery and some underwear. Welcome home.

My photo.

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