27 April 2010

this guy

Can we talk about Benji Hughes?! His lengthy and diverse album A Love Extreme was released in 2008 and it makes me want to fall in love with him. Until I remember what he looks like. And that I already have a boyfriend who is rather musically talented although I am not sure if Connor making up songs about my vagina to Star Wars tunes in the shower is quite as adorable as Vibe So Hot (listen to a live performance here).

I was first introduced to Benji Hughes last summer with Tight Tee Shirt on a mix CD playing on repeat in the Westfalia while winding along the Hope-Princeton from Vancouver to Penticton.

You probably recognize You Stood Me Up (live) and Why do these Parties Always End the Same Way? But my favourites would have to be:

The Mummy (live)
So Well
Love on a Budget

Unfortunately I cannot seem to find quality recordings for all the songs I've listed so you're just going to have to pick up/download the album yourself or visit his myspace here. Yeah, yeah life is so hard, I know.

Photo from Google Images.

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