16 April 2010


A year is a long time. Especially where sucky weather is concerned and especially in my own little corner of the west coast. There are (usually) no dramatic weather changes to invoke "oohs" and "aahs". For the most part, it just rains. And rains.

This spring, it seems to be heating up early but I know from experience that can be quickly and brutally taken away, replaced with grey skies and an unseasonal chill. And no, you will never truly understand why you are being punished by the weather gods.

What I am trying to get at it is how I only really enjoy two times of year where weather is concerned. One, Christmas. No it doesn't usually snow but I can endure the wet chill because inside I'm running on bright electric lights and the warm fuzzies. The smell of pine trees in the crisp December air doesn't hurt either. Two, SUMMER. I love summer. Real summer. None of this April pretending to be summer crap. I want hot days and warm nights, sunshine and skin smelling of sunscreen, killer shades and pink lips. I want mornings where the sun wakes me up, not my violent bedside alarm clock, and Connor and I wander down to the beach for a couple private hours before work and friends and events. I want summer concerts and cold drinks and tan lines.

I have never wanted jelly shoes for summer. Maybe I am missing out.

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